Save art in Ukraine

it is an international team of professionals — art critics, lawyers, collectors, archaeologists, restorers, art managers, historians, IT specialists. With extensive work experience in Ukraine and many countries around the world. Created in Kyiv, has a permanent office in London.

From the beginning of the war, the Russian occupiers are deliberately and purposefully destroying objects of cultural heritage throughout Ukraine!
These are museums, church, libraries, theater, archives... Unique sights are being destroyed – cultural property of our people! State and private museum collections from the occupied territories are stolen to Russia!Certainly- this is cultural genocide, an attempt to destroy the self-identity of the Ukrainian nation!
Russian propaganda led by Putin, distorts the history of Ukraine and the entire civilized world, and racist soldiers destroy and steal our cultural values!

Not only to conquer the entire territory of Ukraine, but also to destroy everything Ukrainian – this is the main goal of "Russian world", the sick desire of Kremlin ideologues!

Our mission:

PROTECTION and REVIVAL/ SEARCH and RETURN of cultural heritage of Ukraine, lost or damaged during the Russian aggression.
Protection and revival — preservation and reconstruction of destroyed and damaged monuments of culture and works of art of Ukraine.
Search and return — search for cultural values ​​stolen by the Russian occupiers from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Returning them to their rightful owners.
Yaroslav Bystrushkin


Yaroslav Bystrushkin

(Founder & Partner)

Art connoisseur, teacher, doctor of philosophy.
For many years, he has been helping and supporting cultural and educational institutions in Kyiv.
Organizer of many Ukrainian and international art projects.




Our "Save art in Ukraine" team made a difficult decision, to suspend its activities for the preservation and restoration of the Ukrainian cultural and artistic heritage. We don't want to fight the consequences

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"Bi-2" was saved!

"Bi-2" was saved!

The idiots of the Lavrov Ministry of Foreign Affairs have launched an international terror hunt for anti-war Russian artists, who support Ukraine, emigrated and continue concert activities abroad. Russian embassies and consulates absolutely

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Save Art in Ukraine“: Restoration and Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine

The cultural heritage of Ukraine has always been the greatest treasure, which we have. But, Russian aggression led to great loss and damage to this valuable heritage. Nonetheless, we have a mission – protect and restore it. This mission is marked by the name of our company – “Save Art in Ukraine.”

Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine

Russian aggression led to losses, which are difficult to express in words. Historical monuments, museums, artworks – many of them were damaged or disappeared. But we cannot allow this to continue. “Save Art in Ukraine” undertakes the task of protecting that, what is left, and prevent further destruction.

Restoration and Return of Cultural Heritage

We believe in the possibility of recovery. “Save Art in Ukraine” is actively engaged in the work of restoring damaged objects and searching for lost works of art. Our goal – return the cultural heritage of Ukraine to its true owners and preserve it for future generations.

Our Approach to Protection and Recovery

  • Expertise: Our team includes highly qualified specialists, who have experience in restoring cultural heritage.
  • Cooperation: We cooperate with government agencies, international organizations and public associations for maximum efficiency.
  • Public Support: We actively involve society and the international community in our initiatives, promoting great support and awareness of the issue.

Protection and restoration of the cultural heritage of Ukraine – this is our common mission. “Save Art in Ukraine” dedicated to the preservation and restoration of this priceless treasure, which reflects the history and identity of our country. By participating in our effort, you become a part of this extremely important cause.

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