"Sofia Kyivska" is in trouble!

Sophia of Kyiv

"Sofia Kyivska" is in trouble!
These photos illustrate the terrible state in which our culture is, historical and spiritual shrine – Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.

"The current extremely unsatisfactory condition of the roof, structures and domes of the cathedral became not just a problem for the museum, but also a threat to the preservation of the integrity of the unique monument, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List", – said in the reserve.

In recent years, the authorities have not responded to requests to save the monument. And it led to that, what 14 January 2022 year during bad weather, a cross fell from the southeast dome of St. Sophia Cathedral.

30 it became known in October, that for its restoration through the "Prozorro" system, almost 80 million hryvnias. Tender name – "To restore the roof, structural systems of the roof and gilding of the domes of architectural monuments of the 11th century. Sophia Cathedral".

A number of social media users and organizations began to criticize such an initiative to spend money during the war. After all, according to many, it is much more efficient to use these funds to purchase weapons for the needs of the Armed Forces.

In the end, the reserve "Sofia Kyivska" reacted to the scandal and explained, how and when they plan to spend money there.

The main thing – during the war, they want to spend only two million state hryvnias on urgent emergency works. Everything else – at the expense of patrons. The main amount of budget expenditures there is promised already after the end of martial law.

Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv – it is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece, a symbol of Ukraine's spiritual heritage and historical significance. Located in the heart of Kyiv, this cathedral is a landmark of culture and religion, which attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.

History and origin of Sophia of Kyiv:

Hagia Sophia was built in the 11th century during the reign of Vladimir the Great, Grand Duke of Kievan Rus. This architectural gem was built as part of the monastery complex and became a symbol of the Christian faith and cultural sophistication of the Cossack era. Her name “Sofia” comes from the Greek word, what means “wisdom”, and testifies to the important role of the place in the spread of Christianity and education.

Architectural grandeur:

Sophia Cathedral impresses with its architectural grandeur. The building has a beautiful golden church bell tower, golden domes and sculptural details, which make it one of the most beautiful examples of Kyiv style. The interior decoration of the cathedral is also impressive with mosaics, icons and frescoes, which date back to the XI-XII centuries. These artistic masterpieces tell the history of Christianity and events from the Bible.

Spiritual weight:

Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv is of great spiritual importance for Ukrainians. It was a place for important religious ceremonies, including coronations of princes, and a place for keeping holy relics. The entire cathedral is imbued with an atmosphere of holiness and promotes reflection and spiritual improvement.

Conservation and Recognition:

Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv became one of the first Ukrainian monuments, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List 1990 year. This recognition testifies to the importance of this cathedral as a cultural and historical heritage of mankind. Thanks to fruitful restoration work and careful care, Sophia of Kyiv remains the most important monument in Ukraine.

Visit to Sofia of Kyiv:

To all, who plans to visit Ukraine, Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv is a mandatory point on the route. This place allows guests of the country not only to enjoy the beauty of architecture and art, but also deepen your acquaintance with the rich history and spiritual heritage of Ukraine.

Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv remains not only an architectural symbol of Kyiv, but also a spiritual shrine, which continues to attract and inspire people from all over the world. This magnificent building supports a sense of national pride and serves as a reminder of Ukraine's important place in the world.

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