Kacper Piskorowski – very interesting, a very talented person, which shows great interest in Ukraine!

Elections of the Russian Federation. Greetings from Putin

For three months, our team “Save Art in Ukraine” was looking for artists and painters, which, In our opinion, will be able to help us implement the project “greeting” Russian tyrant, bloody criminal and terrorist president Putin about “elections” President of the Russian Federation. We reviewed hundreds of works, talked to dozens of artists from all over the world and commissioned five works from the best of them! In addition to the quality and level of portraits, the personal civic position of the artist was very important to us! His attitude to war, Russian aggression against Ukraine and attitude towards “mad king” Putin!

Today I am happy to announce, that we have finally found such an artist! He is a very talented Polish artist, who constantly and sincerely supports Ukraine – Kasper Piskorovsky. His paintings are stunning, infernal and otherworldly. Portrait of Putin under the title “idols” with a sly smile, pale-faced undead, with cold zombie eyes and a carved swastika on his forehead immediately attracted our attention. We chose Casper for that, to help us implement an international project “Cannibal” (“CANNIBAL”). “Greeting” Putin from Ukrainians and all free people of the world with the new “election” on completely undemocratic ones, illegitimate and clownish “elections” President of the Russian Federation. 24 February, on the 730th day of the great war, our team wants to once again draw the world's attention to this tragedy and the crimes of the Russian invaders! We emphasize, that Putin will not stop at Ukraine! Ukrainians protect the whole world from a maniacal tyrant, who went crazy from absolute power and complete impunity! Putin – it is war and death! He lives war and loves blood! Putin – Cannibal!

Team “Save Art in Ukraine” and Kasper Piskorovsky call on all free people of the world to join this act of protest and express solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

“Cannibal” – it's not just an art project, but also an attempt to draw the world's attention to that, what is happening in Ukraine. This is a call to unite to stop tyranny and support those, who is on the front lines of the fight for freedom and justice.

Kasper Piskorovsky and his work are a vivid example of that, how art can become a tool of protest, inspiring people to interact and fight together for a bright future.

Follow the events of the project “Cannibal” and express your attitude to the events of Ukrainian history through united art and civil protest.

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Art connoisseur, collector, professor, doctor of philosophy.

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