Bistrushkin: "Art does not allow the world to forget about Ukraine!»

Long live the Ukrainian resistance!

From the first days of the war, anti-war murals in support of Ukraine in the war with Russia began to appear in many cities around the world.

"Our defense, success in the war and half of the victory depend on the help of the developed countries of the world, from the position of their governments and the sentiments of citizens-voters. That's why we, people of art, are obliged to do everything for that, so that Londoners, Parisians, Berliners, residents of New York and Tokyo did not forget about Ukraine, about that, that our war – it is also their war. About that, that Ukrainians die not only for their land, but also for that, so that there are no tyrants and cannibal countries in the world of the future! And democracy is the only civilized way of developing countries in the 21st century!», – stated Yaroslav Bystrushkin, speaking in Paris at a conference in support of Ukraine in 2024 year.

Long live the Ukrainian resistance!” (“Long live the Ukrainian resistance!”) - a mural with this slogan can be seen in the heart of Paris near the Center for Contemporary Art “Centre Pompidou”. The author of the image was the Ukrainian artist Mykyta Kravtsov. The plot of the mural echoes the plot of the painting by the French artist Eugène Delacroix “Victory leading the people to the barricades” (“Freedom, that leads the people”). The girl depicted on it with the profile of a Greek goddess with a flag and a rifle in her hands is associated with the concept “freedom” it's been almost two centuries.

"Long live the Ukrainian resistance!» – cry of the soul, that echoes in the streets of Paris. Mural with this slogan, performed in the heart of the city near the Center of Contemporary Art “Centre Pompidou”, became not only the embodiment of art, but also an expression of support for Ukraine in its uncompromising struggle.

The author of this epic image was the talented Ukrainian artist Mykyta Kravtsov. The plot of the mural is inextricably linked with the paintings of the great French master Eugène Delacroix, in particular "Freedom, leading the people". A girl with a profile of a Greek goddess on a mural, who holds a flag and a rifle in her hands, symbolizes the unstoppable strength and will of the Ukrainian people.

This creative realization has a multifaceted meaning. A symbol of a Greek goddess, which is in the foreground, reflects the importance of freedom in human history and culture. Flag, that the girl has in her hands, symbolizes the unity and solidarity of the Ukrainian people in their struggle for independence and freedom. Rifle, she is also a symbol of the struggle for truth and justice in the sharp vicissitudes of time.

Such a mural is not just a decoration for the streets of Paris. This is a kind of appeal to the whole world not only to notice, but also to support Ukrainians in their struggle for peace and independence. It reflects the relevance of the values ​​of freedom and solidarity in the modern world, enhancing them with a remarkable touch of art.

The mural of Mykyta Kravtsov became a memorial in honor of the courage and endurance of the Ukrainian people. This is evidence of that, that art can be more than a way of self-expression, but also by force, that unites, supports and inspires. Let this mural remain not only an object of art, but also a symbol of hope and solidarity, that will stand the test of time, as well as concepts “freedom”, which remains relevant for centuries.

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