Bistrushkin: «BANKSY – brilliant modern artist of the world! His support for Ukraine is invaluable!»

BANKSY - brilliant modern artist of the world!

An exhibition of the most famous modern artist in the style of street art - Banksy - is taking place in London.

Ukrainians know him primarily because of his visit to Ukraine in the first year of the war. His graffiti – judo, "Children on the swing", "Old man in the bath", "Gymnast 1", "Gymnast 2", "Woman in a gas mask", "Rocket launcher" - were created in the cities of Ukraine, who had just survived the Russian aggression!

These works of art became known throughout the world and very accurately showed humanity crimes and barbarism, taking place in Europe in the 21st century!

"Thank you to my British colleagues, who invited me to the Banksy exhibition! Not only weapons can help us restore peace and tranquility! Artists known all over the world, such as Banksy, with their attention to Ukraine and creative projects, they bring our victory closer! They do not let the world and politicians forget about Ukraine, about war, about the crimes of Putin and his gang", – says Yaroslava Bystrushkin.

Banksy, a talented and enigmatic contemporary artist in the field of street art, gained popularity and recognition for his projects all over the world. His work is known for its frankness, social activism and the ability to reflect deep social problems through sophisticated art.

One of the most important and emotionally charged parts of his repertoire are works, created in Ukraine during the difficult times of the war. Banksy visited the country during the Russian aggression and left behind a series of graffiti, that have gained worldwide attention. They became symbols not only of the struggle of the Ukrainian people, but also crime and military aggression.

Such influence of the artist on the support of Ukraine lies not only in his artistic skills, but also in the ability to draw the attention of the world public to difficult situations and problems with their creativity, affecting the country. These works became not only a symbol of resistance, but also encouraged the discussion of political and moral issues, related to the conflict.

Banksy came out in support of Ukraine through his artistic works, which helped draw attention to the need for peace and humanitarian aid. His contribution is that, that it allows people all over the world to see and understand the tragedy, which takes place in Ukraine, encouraging action and support.

Banksy's impact on support for Ukraine has been significant due to his ability to generate discussion and attention to important global issues through his unique artistic creativity.

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