Near the historical museum in Kharkiv, vandals mutilated Polovtsian women.

кам'яні баби

At night with 1 на 2 November, in Kharkiv near the historical museum, unknown persons crushed figures of Polovtsian women of the twelfth century with an ax.
I remember a similar story in the Botanical Park in Kyiv, when the figure of a Polovtsian woman was decapitated.
На жаль, undoubtedly, we have enough crazy people and idiots. But strengthen responsibility for such violations and protect historical and cultural monuments during the war, this is already the responsibility of the state!
We have enough occupiers, that purposefully destroy our culture, therefore, internal enemies must be found and severely punished!

U 2013 year figures of Polovtsian women, belonging to the XII century, were transported from the Izyum district to Kharkiv and installed next to the Historical Museum. Previously, these archaeological objects were located in the courtyard of the museum.

Currently, restoration specialists are engaged in the conservation of these figures, which are made of vulnerable material, namely sandstone. The main goal of these works is to prevent possible further damage due to the impact of future precipitation, such as rain and snow.

These figures are of great historical importance and represent an important part of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. The destruction or damage of such archaeological sites is a great loss for the entire society.

Figures of Polovtsian women of the 12th century – these are artistic images, which can be found in various art forms, in particular, in sculpture and paintings on ancient religious architectural structures in Ancient Rus. Polovtsian women, often also known as “Polovtsian princesses” or “black princesses”, were created by artists to decorate churches and monasteries.

They are one of the characteristic features of the religious art of Kievan Rus in the 12th century. Their role and significance may be a matter of debate among art scholars, and they can be interpreted differently depending on the context of the historical period and religious beliefs.

It is important to maintain and protect the historical heritage, to preserve the country's historical memory and cultural identity. Such cases of damage and vandalism require serious investigation and measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Law enforcement and cultural heritage protection authorities must take all necessary measures to restore and protect these valuable monuments of archeology, and also to hold the guilty accountable for their actions.

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